DOC in a box Online Doctors Are Helping The Influenza Outbreak

This weeks flu updates shows the good and the bad of this influenza season. The CDC released the 2018-2019 Influenza data with it ending on January 19, 2019. Overall about 20% of the states have dropped out of the moderate to high activity, those being California, Washington, and Idaho. However some states are not as lucky and continue to have a high activity. States such as Nebraska have been ranked the #1 spot for activity this week by


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The good news for Nebraskans is that DOC in a box provides online doctors to anyone located in the state. We spoke with Co-Founder and Physician Assistant Steven Richardson to see what his company is doing to help curve the outbreak of influenza in Nebraska.

" The best treatment for influenza and to minimize the risk of getting infected is to stay home. We have seen a significant spike in flu activity not only in Nebraska, but Colorado and Texas. If you are unfortunate and do get influenza, our doctors are able to treat and diagnose you within minutes and at the comfort of your home."-Steven Richardson, PA-C

This virtual clinic can help lower the transmission of influenza throughout the state, and decrease the overall healthcare burden of the infected. For only $49.99 per visit equal to most co-pays, it is money well spent.

"Sitting in a waiting room should not be the only option people have when you are sick. Having worked in the ER for 10 years I have seen healthy people become sick by helping out a family member while waiting in the lobby. In my professional opinion, everyone should utilize online doctors for basic illnesses such as the flu instead of a urgent care or emergency room. " - Angela Weaver PA-C

With the 2019 season about to peak, there is more work for DOC in a box to do to create awareness of how online doctors work and how they can help anyone who is sick.

DOC in a box currently provides services to over 16 states and growing. Get online diagnoses, labs and radiology orders all at the comfort of your home. Sign Up Today to start your visit.




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