How To Treat Allergies

A allergic reaction is a immune response to a certain substance such as dust, animals, and foods.  We have outlined the types of allergies and how DOC in a box can help treat and diagnose this at home. Most common treatments for allergies consist of steroids, benadryl, or inhalers.  These medications can be electronically sent to your local pharmacy.  B

Types of Allergies:

Allergic Rhinitis (runny nose), Allergic Conjunctivitis (watery eyes), Systemic Allergies (rashes, whelps).

When To Use Telemedicine For Allergies:

All of the above can be treated over the phone or via video. Symptoms alone will prompt the provider to make a accurate diagnosis.

Labs and Radiology to Treat Allergies:

Labs are uncommon however if prompted, our providers can order extensive allergy testing.

When To Go To The Emergency Room For Allergies:

If you experience a whole body rash, wheezing, or difficulty in swallowing.

When To Go To Your Primary Doctor For Allergies:

If you have consistent allergies that are unresolved by conventional treatment.

DOC in a box Treatment Plan For Allergies:

If you have been prescribed a Medrol Dose Pack, please take it with OTC Zantac or Prilosec until the medication is finished. Please allow 2-3 days for the symptoms to improve. Increase fluids to flush the histamine. If you have been prescribed eye drops please follow up with your Opthalmologist for continued care. Follow up with your PCP after this visit. If needed, continue to take Benadryl 25mg one every 8 hours as needed until the symptoms have gone away.

If the symptoms have persist beyond our normal treatment you will need to see a provider again to adjust any medications and for any refills.

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